Private Money Lending with Cogo Capital

Real estate investors (borrowers) who buy residential and commercial property need access to investment capital to purchase properties.

These real estate investors seek individual lenders who will lend them part of the money needed to purchase investment properties.

The real estate investor invests part of the money required, while the individual or "private money lender" also lends part of the money. The loans made by the individual private money lenders are secured by the equity in the property.

Cogo Capital provides a peer-to-peer lending relationship between the real estate investor (you), and individual private money lender.

Cogo Capital manages the legal requirements and the due diligence to protect lenders and conducts property valuations to ensure secure loan-to-value ratios.

Cogo Capital further assists by helping borrowers through the entire loan process. Our creative financing solutions have helped thousands of real estate investors secure the funding they need and realize success.